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Welcome to DH Boards!

About Us

Thank you for stopping by our website. We are a skater-owned company based in Northern Utah of the USA. We provide high-quality downhill skateboards that have been designed to assist skaters of all skill levels, in downhill, freeride, street, and cruising. We love skating of all types and wish to spread the joy of skateboarding through our products and media. Continue reading below to learn about our companies origins and our first board the ‘Alchemist.”

Our Story

“Hello, my name is Dylan Hepworth. I am the founder of DH Boards. I have been downhill skateboarding for the past six years and have been in love with it since the day I started. In early 2017 I became inspired to create my own longboard company. I chose the name DH Boards, realizing ‘DH’ stands for downhill and also my initials. I began designing several board models and linked up with my manufacturer to create some board prototypes. Many months of test skating, tweaking specs, and reconstruction led to the creation of our first board “The Alchemist.” This board is the perfect fit for my personal style of skating and has made skating even more fun. I’m excited for others to enjoy it and can’t wait to see it be skated. We have many plans for the future here at DH Boards, stay tuned. Cheers!” – Dylan Hepworth


The Alchemist

The Alchemist is the first board of our downhill lineup. This is our do it all downhill skateboard, designed for riders of all skill levels. We created this board to be able to handle the steepest and fastest hills you can find, while also being a fun functional board for cruising around town. 

We chose to name this board the Alchemist for a couple reasons. Alchemy is an ancient philosophical way of thought that relates to the interactions between mind and matter. Alchemy is all about the creation and transmutation of energies. In skating, this is something we experience all the time. Skating gives us the ability to create positive feelings of excitement and happiness. It allows one to become a generator of positive energy capable of transforming negative thoughts or feelings into positive ones. When skating you and the board are performing Alchemy, and therefore together as a pair you are “the Alchemist.”

This board features mellow radial concave, microdrops, rocker, and a functional kicktail and nose. It is constructed of 8 plies of Canadian maple and has a top layer of black Formica.

The exact specifications are:

   40″ overall length
   9.5″ width (maximum)
   26″ – 26.75″ wheel base
   1/2″ radial concave
   1/4″ microdrops 
   1/8″ rocker
   6.5″ tail
   3″ nose