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The Alchemist is the first board of our downhill lineup. This is our do it all downhill skateboard, designed for riders of all skill levels. We created this board to be able to handle the steepest and fastest hills you can find, while also being a fun functional board for cruising around town.

We chose to name this board the Alchemist for a couple of reasons. Alchemy is an ancient philosophical way of thought that relates to the interactions between mind and matter. Alchemy is all about the creation and transmutation of energies. In skating, this is something we experience all the time. Skating gives us the ability to create positive feelings of excitement and happiness. It allows one to become a generator of positive energy capable of transforming negative thoughts or feelings into positive ones. When skating you and the board are performing Alchemy, and therefore together as a pair you are “the Alchemist.”

This board features mellow radial concave, microdrops, rocker, and a functional kicktail and nose. It is constructed of 8 plies of Canadian maple and has a top layer of black Formica.

The exact specifications are:

40″ overall length
9.5″ width (maximum)
26″ – 26.75″ wheel base
1/2″ radial concave
1/4″ microdrops
1/8″ rocker
6.5″ tail
3″ nose


Check out the videos below to see the Alchemist in action.